Hey New Yorkers! You’re all dying to play The Beatles: Rock Band, right? Well why not come out and try it first at Chud.com’s unofficial NYC headquarters, Hell Gate Social? We’ve got the game and are going to be rocking all night on Wednesday 9/9/09.

They’ve got cheap drinks deals (3 bucks gets you a beer and a shot) and everyone who’s been to any of our screenings knows how fun the crowd is. Oh, The Room. How special you are.

The game is amazing and fun and it’s going to be the best thing in the world to play it projected with a bunch of lively folks in attendance. The festivities will kick off around 8:00pm. Check the bar’s website out for more details on how to get there.

Make sure to check back soon for a full review of the game! (Hint- it’s really, really good.)