Film Weeked Per screen Total
1 The Final Destination $12,435,000 (-54.6%) $3,984 $47,566,000
2 All About Steve $11,200,000 $4,976 $11,200,000
3 Inglourious Basterds $10,847,000 (-43.8%) $3,230 $91,042,000
4 Gamer $9,000,000 $3,597 $9,000,000
5 District 9 $7,000,000 (-31.8%) $2,230 $101,274,000
6 Halloween II $5,608,000 (-65.7%) $1,816 $25,664,000
7 Julie & Julia $5,200,000 (-26.1%) $2,057 $78,840,000
8 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $5,100,000 (-33.9%) $1,792 $139,415,000
9 The Time Traveler’s Wife $4,215,000 (-34.7%) $1,504 $54,557,000
10 Extract $4,187,000 $2,599 $4,187,000

This just in: For some reason last night I was reminded that I set up a joke I had to wait a half decade to give the punchline to on the message boards here.This is what I love about the internet.

Shooting from the hp as I did on Wednesday, I shot wide. All About Steve I went low, The Final Destination and D9 did about the business I thought, but Gamer didn’t connect so I went high, and I had dreams of slightly better QT business. Such is life.

If The Final Destination is the number one picture two weeks in a row, it’s mostly by default. Whereas a 60% is normal business for a horror picture, 3-D and D-Box may have kept the film a must-see for many even after the sell-by date.  And though the film has no chance of getting to $100 Million, I’m sure this is a win for everyone involved, though the concept and execution (ZING!) of the 3-D may take the forefront. David Ellis shit the bed with Snakes on a Plane, but going back to this franchise may heat him up slightly. Slightly. Proficient hack status.

All About Steve is one of those pictures that critics evicerate. But Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock are both coming off big summer hits, so this shit fest managed to do at least enough business to not look like a Mike Judge film. If the picture does much past $30 I’ll be surprised, but female romantic comedy stars are a brand to themselves. They need to be just fuckable enough. Not Meagan Fox hot, but hot enough that men will like them, but women won’t feel aggressively challenged by their sexuality. In some ways I’m surprised that Katherine Heigl has managed to make a career out of it, because she’s got those big boobs, and the normal rom-com starlet is usually less obviously feminine (athletic figures, mostly). Maybe TV made her less threatening as a sexual figure. That’s possible. And she’s got that Nordic/Midwestern thing. Dunno.

The whole “Weinsteins are in trouble” meme is a popular one. But Basterds should be getting past $100 Million next weekend, and will be Quentin Tarantino’s top grosser EVER. That doesn’t mean much. What it meant to cross $100 in 1994 is totally different than in 2009. Like, if you saw a girl with a back tattoo in 1994 you’d be a little confused, and maybe turned on. These days, it’s a tramp stamp. And let’s face it, hitting $100 has been ho-ified. The number no longer respects itself, it does stupid things after a couple of drinks, and then tries to blame it on frustrations. I’m not here to condone or condemn, but merely to note the passage of time. Basterds has back-ends (little in the middle), and what have you, but there was a danger with this film, which good WOM and a solid ad campaign conquered. The film is a Jew Bear styled hit.

Gamer got gamed. District 9 hit the $100 Million dollar mark. Talk about a film that has worked. Seriously talk about it. Talk about it. Talk about it. Talk. About it. Talk. Talk. Done? Good. Halloween Deuce cost $15, so it should be okay with a $35 Million dollar total. Depends on the ad dollar. J&J is no runaway Sleepless in Seattle style hit, but it does suggest we have not heard the last of Nora Ephron. For better or worse. Did Meryl Streep read that Onion article about her career? It’s 100% balls-on. She should hire someone to write her a masterpiece. And beat them if they don’t deliver. See, if someone was offended by anything I said earlier I’m all for female empowerment. Especially when they’re wearing leather, and especially when I’ve been a naughty boy.

G.I. Joe is on the hard limp to $150, but it will get there. Which is a Sucfailsess. Just as The Time Traveler’s Wife is something of a hit if it gets to $60. Both are of the “I can’t believe it did this well” crowd. Oh hai, everybody, Transformers 2 got to $400 Million this weekend. People must really hate themselves for that to happen. But whatever. Extract was on limited screens, so the per screen is better than some, but if you were thinking about watching Idiocracy this weekend, well, just remember. Re-mem-ber, Re-mem-ber, Remember my name (FAME!)