Danny Trejo doesn’t have to fucking impress Jessica Alba…

Is there any other working filmmaker with such a decidedly bipolar filmography as Robert Rodriguez? The fact that Rodriguez quite literally produces films in his own back yard means that he has the luxury of taking the “one for me, one for you” mantra to the extreme. Wrenching gears from the rainbow rock-powered dumb of Shorts, Rodriguez is mining the oh-so-fruitful Grindhouse well to make the presumably ultra-violent Machete.*

Boring pictures from the flick (likely one word review: Leathery) have been floating around the web for a little while, but the spanish-language website Omelete, (FUCK. Omelete is a Brazilian, Portuguese-language website. All apologies to South America, as well as Google “You have to use it correctly for it to work” Translate) has a full collection of impressively pedestrian set photos. You are able to see some of the bizarre cast actually present and working on the film, including an oddly proportioned Seagal with good manners. Also, Lohan classes the joint up, while Trejo unflinchingly displays his aged Mexichest to a young starlet.

The site kicked Google’s translatin’ ass, so I didn’t take much from the surrounding copy, but feel free to head over and take a gander at the dozen or so pictures.

Thanks to sharp-eyed Gentleman Chewer Phil for the tip.

*The trailer has lost almost every ounce of its charm in my eyes, but I still unabashedly love the way Machete’s Gatling gun magically mounts to his bike.

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