I saw Wrong Turn 2 before I really got to know Joe Lynch, and as soon as I finished the movie I knew we would end up being friends. You might be one of the people who still write off this direct to DVD sequel to a pretty uninspired flick, but Joe made a minor splatstick masterpiece, showing a vision that, while original, is bloodily in line with the early work of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson.

Of course that’s high praise for a dude who has one movie made. Which is something legendary filmmaker John Landis noted this past weekend at UK’s apparently awesome FrightFest, chiding Joe for being such a presence in the genre while having just the one picture under his belt. But as Landis revealed, that won’t be true for long, as Joe has his next movie lined up.

The film is called The Knights of Badassdom, and it was originally offered to Landis, who thought that Lynch was the perfect guy for the project. Lynch calls it a ‘heavy metal horror adventure,’ and while the title looks suspect without more context, trust me when I say that once more details are revealed you’ll appreciate it. Lynch describes the tone of the film as being not unlike Landis’ An American Werewolf in London, and he starts shooting in October.

Joe’s been really picky about his second film – you wouldn’t believe the movies he was offered and turned down – so I’m hoping that Knights builds on the promise shown in Wrong Turn 2. And if you haven’t caught Wrong Turn 2 and you’re a horror fan who isn’t afraid of some blood, you should buy it right now.

Here’s the video from which all this info originated, which I found via Shock Til You Drop. The whole video is good, but the relevant stuff kicks in around 2:30.