All of a sudden December 10th, 2010 is looking competitive. The Green Hornet got moved to that date. The Smurfs open on that date. And now: Tron Legacy is coming to theaters on December 10th. I bet even Seth Rogen is torn by this news.

The sequel to Disney’s cult classic Tron, Tron Legacy takes place almost thirty years after the original. The movie looks pretty kick ass, and I say that as someone who is legally unable to tell you what I know and have seen first hand (Disney, please don’t sue me for saying your film appears to rule). And besides how cool it looks, the film is also scored by Daft Punk, making this one of the hippest releases of 2010.

Shooting in Tron Legacy is over and now the production moves to a hefty post process; I imagine the release date hemming and hawing was based on a need to figure out just what kind of work needed to be done to get this movie looking just right. A December date means you should expect a huge presence from Tron Legacy at Comic Con 2010. Actually, considering the Disney/Marvel deal, I’d say 2010 is the Disney year at Comic Con.

Here’s a look at the new lightcycle from the movie, as well as a sampling of the soundtrack: