We already know that Eddie Murphy has essentially given up on his career.  As long as he can keep cranking out the Shrek movies every few years and other kid-friendly flicks that no one in the double-digit age range wants to see, he seems content.  And if he can get any excuse to hop into another fat suit, well, he’s all over it.  Martin Lawrence’s career of late has also paralleled his Life co-star’s down the Rated PG turnpike.  There’s been some hope with recent word of Bad Boys III, but essentially, it’s Wild Hogs I and II, College Road Trip, and other such…productions.  Lawrence’s biggest solo hit was 2000’s Big Momma’s House, which wasn’t without its appeal, and the 2006 sequel…which was.  And, ironically enough, those movies also involved a fat suit.  But they made enough bank to warrant the inevitable Big Momma’s House 3, which has just been announced.

This time out, Randi Mayem Singer has the writing duties.  Singer had the resume for the gig, having previously scribbled Mrs. Doubtfire.  The logline for this third outing is being kept hush hush (why, is anybody’s guess), but I’m fairly certain the words under and cover will have both figurative and literal meaning.  I’m just hoping it doesn’t come out against the next Madea movie because there’s only so much the world can take.