Daniel Day Lewis may be popping a cork in this image from Nine, The Weinstein Company’s Oscar-bait picture, but will Harvey and Bob be doing the same come awards season? They overcame the odds and opened Inglourious Basterds, but couldn’t beat The Final Destination with Halloween II. The Weinsteins are feeling their oats, though – they’ve just announced they’re pre-buying The King’s Speech, a kind of awful sounding bit of Oscar bait filming this fall. In that film Colin Firth is the future King George VI, who suffers from a terrible stutter he ascends to the throne. Geoffrey Rush will play his wacky speech therapist. The bright spot is that it’ll be directed by Tom Hooper, who did great work on HBO’s John Adams miniseries.

So do these pictures scream ‘Oscar’ to you? The Weinsteins proved the naysayers were wrong, and that they’re not out of the game yet, but there’s a lot riding on Nine