Quick item from EW’s Michael Ausiello.  He’s passed along word that the erstwhile Lana Lang and Smallville super-angst inducer, Kristin Kreuk, will be joining the cast of Chuck for a multi-episode arc in the upcoming third season.  Lang will play Hannah, a girl Chuck meets on a flight to Paris. “Chuck and Hannah definitely have feelings for each other,” teases an insider.
Laid off from her glamorous publishing job, Hannah ends up working at the Buy More. 
Seems a Superman motif is developing over at the Buy More as news of Brandon Routh joining the cast as a guest star came just last week.

Kreuk left Smallville after eight sugar coma-inducing seasons as Clark’s on-again, off-again, vampired, super-powered, de-powered, re-super-powered object of affection.  She recently starred in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and has an appearance scheduled in the TV adaptation of Ben-Hur for 2010.  I say they do a Smallville Lana Lang character arc homage in one or two episodes: Chuck worships her from afar, has to deal with her boyfriend, worships from afar some more, finally gets her, has second thoughts, goes all Evil Intersect, comes back to the light, gets de-intersected, re-intersected, she gets Intersected, and de-intersected, somehow becomes a suckhead, and the vessel for a witch, gets kidnapped about 476 times, marries a Rich bad guy who wants to control the world, then gets another Intersect but finds that her software and Chuck’s software will kill Chuck if he’s close to her, then leaves.  That might just work.  Oh, and she must be in skintight leather the entire time, unless semi-nude.  Yeah, that’ll definitely work.