As Clarence Boddicker would say- Guns, Guns, Guns!

The first trailer for The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day has been revealed exclusively on IGN, and what a great comedy it looks like. Can we expect more horribly shot action scenes, more ridiculous cartoon characters, more too-cool-for-school dialogue lifted straight from Tarantino? Of course we can. Plus guns, and the reloading of said guns! At least Billy Connolly’s still back hamming it up.

Also, I’m not certain I can think of a trailer that actually showed flashback footage to an event that was shown previously in the trailer, so that might be a first. Troy Duffy truly is an originator.


Ok, so the most amusing thing about the cult of Boondock Saints is that no one seems to realize how thoroughly mediocre the film is. But the haters have it just as wrong because the film isn’t terrible. Hacky, sure- been done before better countless times, of course- but it’s not an unwatchable film. Willem Dafoe makes it worth it by himself. Most of the hate surely stems from the irritating hardcore fanbase, retards that get quotes from the film (you know, all that really deep dialogue from fuckin’ Boondock Saints) tattooed on themselves and made it such a hit on dvd. In that case, it’s veritas justified.

But rather than watching either of these it’s better that you just watch Overnight, which is actually available instantly on Netflix here. This great doc chronicles the creation of the film and the rise and fall of a first-time director. It’s compelling in a way that Boondock Saints never is, and way more quotable.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day hits theaters October 30th. Save your money.