There’s no surer sign that Darren Bousman’s remake of Mother’s Day is going to be quite different from the original than the casting of the titular mother. The original Troma classic (made back when the company wasn’t just the Mad Magazine of horror films) had Beatrice Pons (who plays Mrs. Toody on Car 54, Where Are You?!) as an old lady leading a pack of redneck boys who rape and murder for her amusement. The new version instead casts Rebecca De Mornay as a mom who leads her boys back to their old house to terrorize the new occupants.

So it seems like the new version is a complete reimagining as opposed to a remake, with only the title in common. I bet that a kill or two from the original might make the cut (axe!), but this is sounding like a totally new film.

As for De Mornay… look, I’ll give you TMI here. And God Created Woman (the remake) was a vital film for my early adolescence. The idea that this woman to whom I spanked so regularly is now being cast in a role once held by a 60 year old woman… even more than my creaking knees this is making me feel old.

via The Hollywood Reporter