Notice how I avoided the easy “hairplugs coming at you in 3D” joke?

Nicolas Cage has just signed on to star in Drive Angry, a revenge flick that will be directed by Patrick Lussier, perhaps best known as the director of the mediocre My Bloody Valentine 3D remake.

Cage will star as an angry man whose daughter was killed and whose granddaughter was kidnapped by some very bad men, sending him streaking down the highway to get her back and seek bloody revenge on those responsible. It’s actually refreshing to see him act his own age in a film for once, since he’s usually given an inexplicably young wife that’s never really explained. Besides, it makes sense if you’re going to go the vigilante Death Wish route. Due to the title the film will no doubt have some crazy action set pieces set on a highway with lots of tires and engines (and hopefully babies) flying towards the screen. You can expect lots of blood from Lussier as well, but we’ll see how crazy they can get with the former star.
Production starts next April in Nu Image/Millennium’s fancy new studio in Louisiana.
Via The Hollywood Reporter