Finally, the news many of us have been waiting for: the green light for Rambo 5! Last I heard it was under the working title of John Rambo (again), but all that could change. What hopefully won’t change is that it will be as awesomely splattery as the last film, Rambo. I’m worried about Sylvester Stallone’s spotty track record – he can’t seem to make three good films in a row – but I’m hoping that The Expendables meets the guy’s shit quota for this cycle.

The film will be coming from Millenium/Nu-Image, just like the last film, which turned an okay profit (especially overseas, believe it or not. Triple the US, almost). This movie will see John Rambo back in North America, battling through drug lords and human traffickers on the American/Mexican border in order to rescue a little girl. I had heard the script being described as Stallone’s take on a western, and that plot sort of sounds like it could be influenced by The Searchers.

The movie will shoot in the spring, which is a long way away. Maybe Stallone needs the time to gather enough bloody squibs. Realistically, he needs the time to finish and promote The Expendables, but I’m sticking with bloody squibs.

via Variety

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