I was late to the Bad Boys 2 altar, but I eventually ended up worshipping there. It’s the most insane action movie ever made – totally over the top, totally ridiculous and utterly amoral. It’s like the entire Baroque Period wrapped up in one house and then blown up with enough TNT to recreate Hiroshima six times over. It’s the kind of movie you watch and go, ‘No one can top that.’

Or can they? Columbia has hired a writer to pen Bad Boys 3; while no deals have been made Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have all said they would be happy to come back for a third one*. The big question, of course, is how do you pay all of these people? Smith is the biggest star in the world, Michael Bay might be the biggest director in the world, and Martin Lawrence earns a penny or two as well. The budget of this shit could be 60 million dollars before a single meeting is held.

And on top of that, how do you top the last film? I’d like to see Smith and Lawrence blow up an entire city and then have a huge space battle that sends the Moon flying into the Sun, with the bad guy tied to it. But that’s just one idea I have.

The guy writing this, Peter Craig, wrote The Town, the film Ben Affleck is directing right now. He’s also the writer on Keanu Reeves’ Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

By the way, I believe a Bad Boys 3 paves the way for a Hot Fuzz 2. While I’ve always felt Hot Fuzz needed a sequel on just a conceptual level – all of the action films it was parodying have sequels, after all – maybe Bad Boys 3 will inspire Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright the way Bad Boys 2 did.

via the Hollywood Reporter

* if the story was right, but you have to be kidding me about these guys caring about a story.

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