You can’t keep a good slasher down. You can’t keep Rob Zombie’s Michael Myers down, either. Despite an anemic opening weekend take for Halloween II (coming in second to The Final Destination), Harvey Weinstein has decided to revisit Haddonfield next summer. Harv’s thinking is probably not that people didn’t like this Halloween, but rather that the 3D gimmick of The Final Destination is what hurt his film. With that in mind, he’s decided that the third Halloween will be in 3D.

I spoil nothing by telling you that Michael Myers is dead at the end of Halloween II - these dudes always get killed at the end, only to be resurrected in the next installment. But wouldn’t it be cool if the new Halloween film remade the original Halloween III - with Silver Shamrock masks and exploding kid heads and all of that (with Tom Atkins in 3D, of course)? I’d certainly prefer seeing druids killing America’s children over yet another grimy, gritty, rednecky iteration of Myers.

Of course it seems unlikely that Zombie will be back for part III. It feels like he’s done his duty to the Bros W, and will eventually get a chance to make his Tyrannosaurus Rex; besides, he’s got a remake of The Blob to fuck up for independent financiers.

via the LA Times