Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Final Destination $28,335,000 $9,079 $28,335,000
2 Inglourious Basterds $20,041,000 (-47.3%) $6,332 $73,760,000
3 Halloween 2 $17,405,000 $5,754 $17,405,000
4 District 9 $10,700,000 (-41.3%) $3,365 $90,813,000
5 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $8,000,000 (-34.5%) $2,307 $132,436,000
6 Julie & Julia $7,400,000 (-15.9%) $2,956 $70,992,000
7 The Time Traveler’s Wife $6,745,000 (-30.8%) $2,278 $48,193,000
8 Shorts $4,870,000 (-24.0%) $1,568 $13,565,000
9 Taking Woodstock $3,749,000 $2,691 $3,749,000
10 G-Force $2,845,000 (-30.9%) $1,477 $111,801,000

This just in: Friendster. It’s so happening.

Often studios get into pissing matches. And this weekend is nothing if not urine soaked. Granted, I don’t think The Final Destination or The Halloween 2 would have done The $45 Million if there was one but not the other, but the audiences for these pictures are exactly the same. Exactly. People don’t like the Weinstein brothers, so it’s possible that Warner Brothers was just trying to put some icing on that cake, but it’s not ever that simple. Sufficed to say, The Final Destination won the weekend, partly because it’s a 3-D film about people getting dead. Some lucky people saw it in both 3-D and Dbox (the chairs that shake!) which would make it the first 3-Dboxed film. Unfortunately for both movies, these are the sort of films that are front-loaded. So in both cases getting to $50- $60 Million is a best case scenario. The Final Destination should be able to double its weekend. Should. The Halloween 2 is slightly more pathetic, and will likely be off 60% next weekend, which means that it’ll get over $30, but maybe not much more.

The Inglourious Basterds is playing, that is certain. A 47% is nothing out of the ordinary, so it appears audiences have trucked with Quentin Tarantino’s re-imaging of World War II. That nine digit total is happening, not next weekend, but soon. And it could top Tarantino’s previous best, the $108 of The Pulp Ficition. It all depends on the leveling. The film will likely play through September, it all depends how much it can weather. I think a lot of people are stoked on this one, so there’s likely some repeat business to factor in. Still, it’s no The Taken.
And The District 9 is playing well. $100 is coming like Nas. Or John Holmes, Whoever. Big success. The G.I Joe should limp to $150. The Julie & The Julia looks to be playing strong, so don’t count $100 out. Depends on how much business The Time Traveller’s Wife takes away. Wife should get over $60 Million, as long as this whole “blowjobs for shitty chick flick movies” trend holds up. I’m of the opinion that this is just a fad, and blowjobs won’t catch on. But I’ve been wrong before.

In your mind, please insert a musical number here. Imagine, if you will, me bursting into song.

The Shorts probably cost somewhere between ten and twenty dollars, so likely it will turn a profit.  The Taking Woodstock is likely not much of an Oscar contender, and will probably be out of the top ten next week. Something of a misfire, that. And The G-Force probably has just enough juice to get past $120 Million. Just enough. Next week brings a new Mike Judge film. Hello.