Activision just sent over this trailer showcasing Kurt Cobain in Guitar Hero 5. He’s the second eternally 27 year old rock star to appear in the series, after Hendrix in the last game. Maybe they could pull out Morrison or Joplin for the next game to keep things going.

While they’ve got Kurt’s movements (or non-movements rather) right, I’m fairly certain that his mouth never ever opened that wide, that mumbly fuck. No word on if there’s an alternate costume for his character that gives him the appropriate Arseface look.

The very dead Johnny Cash will also appear in the game, as well as Carlos Santana, Shirley Manson, and Matthew Bellamy. (Who? He’s the singer from Muse.)

Guitar Hero 5 hits next week on September 1st, just eight days (a week) before The Beatles: Rock Band.