The first Descent was a great little flick, one that managed to prey on people’s fears of claustrophobia and things in the dark. The Descent: Part 2 is set to hit the UK on December 4th (no US dates yet!) and is looking like much more of the same, according to the latest trailer that’s just hit IGN.

Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the first to follow.

The sequel starts just as the original ends. Sarah (Shauna MacDonald), the only surviving member of the group of spelunkers, emerges from the caves bloody and half-insane from her ordeal. She runs off to tell the local authorities about the creatures inside the caves and what happened to her friends but they don’t believe her. The Sheriff makes her go back down to the caves with a group of rescuers to find out what happened, and they soon end up trapped inside by falling rocks and forced deeper inside.

As you can see from this trailer things don’t go too well for the group…