Great. Great. Great.

Now the truth will finally come out to see whether Grant Heslov is whatever it is George Clooney has seen in him. He was an actor, a writer, and a producer in many terrific films and his directorial debut is less than two months away.

The Men Who Stare At Goats. Already a contender for title of the century, and now judging from this trailer, a film everyone needs to see.

It’s about government funded psychic soldiers whose mindweapons kick people’s ass all around town. Or fail miserably.

Clooney. Bridges. McGregor. Spacey. MORSHOWER.

This is getting to be a really good year for movies, and an even better one for trailers.

This one is no exception, and I am thrilled to see this cast seemingly having so much fun. I wonder if Glenn Morshower spent the whole shoot regaling them with Grizzly Park stories.

“Jeff Bridges, have a seat. Let me tell you about the time Nick Nunziata hit a Ryan Culver fastball about 400 feet…”

Take a gander at the great right here