Okay, this is probably not a viral tease for Cloverfield 2. The camera alighting on the Cloverfield Boulevard sign is too obvious. It’s probably not anything. But it’s a slow news week and I like the way the video is cut together, so I’m sharing it with you, and maybe someone out there can figure out what this is – a hoax, a viral campaign for something else or maybe even the honest to goodness early stages of Cloverfield 2 (which seems a long way off, unless Matt Reeves isn’t coming back to direct).

EDITED TO ADD: Some people wondered why I’ve run this if even I don’t think it’s real. I guess the answer is that it’s interesting to see that Cloverfield remains enough in the popular consciousness two years out to inspire someone to fake a video like this. The film was immensely front loaded and interest dried up theatrically in a couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean the film didn’t leave a mark. When you look back at movies time gives the ability to not only judge its quality with fresh eyes but also the context with which to judge its impact.

Thanks to Luke Mullen for the heads up.