Every film festival has bumpers in front of the movie. They’re 30 second or less shorts that usually revolve around a theme and say the name of the festival. For some reason Sundance seems to commission three of these every year, so you see the same ones 90 times. And they’re usually too arty to be interesting.

That is not a problem at Fantastic Fest. In fact, the bumpers at Fantastic Fest are so much fun that I’ve been known to hit a screening just because I heard a specific bumper was playing before the film. This year’s crop looks no different, and you have a chance to vote on your favorite bumpers, guaranteeing them a place in the festival.

Click here to check out the bumpers and go vote. I’ve included one below that I think gives you the ‘flavor’ of a Fantastic Fest bumper.

Voting ends Monday! I think almost all of these bumpers are fucking awesome, so you should have a blast watching them.