You can do a lot of magic with editing. Remember those alternate, feel good trailers for The Shining? The people behind White on Rice, a very well reviewed romantic comedy hitting theaters in two weeks (click here to see theaters), have done something similar with the new trailer for their film. Here’s the official synopsis:

Jimmy (Hiroshi Watanabe, “Letters From Iwo Jima”) loves dinosaurs and
sleeps on the top bunk. Unfortunately, Jimmy is 40 and shares that bunk
with Bob (Justin Kwong), his 10-year-old nephew. Freshly divorced,
Jimmy lives with his sister Aiko (Japanese Academy Award winner Nae)
and her family while boldly searching for a new wife. His brother
in-law, Tak (Mio Takada, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien”) thinks he’s a
disaster. And although Jimmy may lack social grace, he is convinced the
best years of his life are just beginning.  His plan seems like it’s
all falling into place when Tak’s beautiful niece Ramona (Lynn Chen,
“Saving Face”) moves in. But once Jimmy sets his sights on stealing her
from his best friend Tim (James Kyson Lee, “Heroes”), he sees his
intentions go hilariously awry.

Here’s the trailer, done up as one part martial arts action, one part thriller. Editing can be deceiving!