Eight months ago – eight months!!! – I sat down with the star of Big Fan, Patton Oswalt, as well as its writer/director, Robert Siegel, during the Sundance Film Festival. At the time their film, a very dark movie indeed, didn’t have a distributor, and Siegel was still awaiting the Oscar season’s handling of The Wrestler. Jesus, this was a long time ago.

We sat down in an atrium of a hotel in Park City, Utah (thus the echoey background noise), and discussed a whole lot of stuff. At the time I wasn’t really running audio interviews but this was one I marked aside as special – when you have Patton Oswalt riffing, it may be better to actually hear him than transcribe him. And Siegel, once the main guy behind The Onion (in its funniest days) is no slouch either.

Big Fan opens this weekend in New York and Philly (which is perfect, as a rivalry between a Giants fan and an Eagles fan is the center of the film), and will be going wider in the weeks to come. Click here to see the list of theaters (which is getting updated all the time, apparently).

Here’s the audio. Enjoy!

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