In June, I was disheartened to report that Rob Cohen was abandoning the XXX franchise (again) for greener, Diesel-less extremes. As Cohen began prepping Medieval, Vin was left searching for a new director to extreme the triumphant return of edgy sports star and super spy Xander Cage. The search is over as Columbia has signed Ericson Core to direct the third XXX extreme.

The Hollywood Extreme mentions that any director the studio hired…

“…had to get the OK
from Diesel.”

Core was an appropriate choice by virtue of his previous extreme with Vin as the cinematographer of The Fast & The Furious (That’s the first film. Notice all of the articles in the title.) Core’s last notable extreme was directing (and DP’ing) Disney’s Invincible.

The story of Xander Cage’s return to the NSA (after having not been blown to bits of extreme) has been written by Terminator: Extreme scribes John Brancato and Michael Ferris. In case you are wondering if XXX3 will have that original pre-Cube spark, fear not, for original XXX scribe Richard Wilkes has extremed a polish of the script.

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