It’s bat guano, I’m aware.  Fanspank of the highest order almost certainly.  “It” Girl stunt casting to fill bandwidth (which I’m not above of course) or sell some papers to be sure.  Nevertheless, it’s out there floating around in cyberspace so I feel obliged to at least get you up to speed on it, on the infinitesimal chance it’s actually gospel.  The UK Sun and now other sources (including Fox News of all places, but I like G4’s take, personally) who are following its lead are getting word out that Megan Fox has been cast to play Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s Batman 3.  Not in talks, not rumored, but signed.

Now, until you read it from Devin, Nick or some other outlet way, way more reputable than a British rag, make of that what you will.  Chalk it up to however you like.  I feel I’ve done my civic duty to disseminate info with a flatbed of salt with which to to take it.

So then, as a practicing fanwanker myself, how does this sound?  Well, I think the aforementioned G4 piece was much more appealing with this rumor mill tidbit from last year concerning Rachel Weisz.  Catwoman is going to need someone who has proven acting ability as well as makes tongues end up on the floor.  So far, I’ve seen the latter from Fox, not the former.  And since Fox is almost certainly going to end up in one of these films eventually, might as well be the one that’s at the top of the pile:  Wonder Woman…although you can reference the preceding couple of sentences for a take on that as well.

So there.  You have your water cooler ammo for the day.