It has yet to be determined what Popcap has been putting in their latest titles, but it’s apparently some digitally coded crack. Plants Vs. Zombies, Bookworm Adventures, Peggle… they’re all “casual” games, sure, but they’re casual games with the hardcore gamer in mind.

Peggle‘s been a massive hit on the Xbox Live Arcade, and rightfully so. It seems like a simple version of Pachinko at first glance but it’s so much more than that. Play a level to completion and you will understand. So it’s no surprise that the sequel Peggle Nights is coming to the system as well. It will have the same exclusive modes like 2-player Duel and 4-player Peg Party, along with all the levels from the PC original.

It will be an expansion for Peggle rather than a standalone title, so here’s hoping you own that one already. Here are the specs-

- 60 new Peggle Nights levels for multiplayer over Xbox LIVE and all single player/local modes
- Peggle Nights Adventure mode (60 levels), including the Nights story
- 60 new Peggle Nights Challenges
- A new Peggle Master, Marina
- Peggle Nights trophy room
- Peggle Nights adventure statistics
- New style shots from Peggle Nights PC (available as title upgrade for all Peggle XBLA players)
- Three new Xbox 360 achievements worth a total of 50 gamerscore, bringing Peggle up to a total of 250 gamerscore. 

Peggle Nights hits this fall. No word on price yet, but it costs 10 bucks on the PC so expect the same.