Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you.  What I will do, though is fill you in on word that Luc Besson, via his EuropaCorp, is getting together the film project, Volcano, with writer Michael Caleo, says Variety.  Caleo is an Emmy-nominated writer via his work on The Sopranos and Rescue Me and got the job after scripting another pending EuropaCorp project, Normandy.   Volcano is a crime drama that focuses on the small Bahamian island of Norman’s Cay, which was turned
into the fulcrum of cocaine smuggling and a hedonistic paradise by
Carlos Lehder
(pictured), the right-hand man of Medellin Cartel leader Pablo Escobar

Considering his prior work on The Sopranos and the gigs he’s currently getting, Caleo might want to open up a script doctoring practice and specialize in crime, as the aforementioned Normandy is a contemporary drama concerns a Mafia boss who hides in France. He also recently did work on Gang Leader for a Day that Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) will direct.  Volcano will center on drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s right-hand man, Carlos Lehder.  “This guy’s character is fascinating. His father was a Nazi hiding in
South America until he was captured and killed by Jewish fighters,”
Caleo said. “He built this coke empire to give back to the poor, but it
all became twisted.

No word yet on how the competing drug flick, Dante’s Tweak is coming along…