‘[A] unique blend of the graphic-novel backdrop – like Blade Runner – and
shot like 300, and has a little bit of Warriors mixed in there, with a
little bit of martial arts…’

That’s how Kevin Tancharoen, the director of the new version of Fame, explains his next project, Arcana. It’s like he’s pitching a movie to the executives of three years ago. And these executives don’t know that Blade Runner isn’t a graphic novel movie and doesn’t have a graphic novel backdrop*.

Arcana is being produced by Brett Ratner, and will have a script by John Ridley, the only man in America who fucking hatesThree Kings. Moviehole has all the deetz, go over there to read them.

Everybody tells me they’re excited for Avatar because it’s original scifi, so I imagine everybody will get really psyched for this movie from the director of Fame. Right?

* it’s actually a good bet that modern execs don’t know that.