Fox Searchlight has released the poster for Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, the roller derby movie Whip It. To my knowledge this is one of the handful of roller derby movies ever: The Fireball (1950 film featuring Mickey Rooney in a roller derby league), Kansas City Bomber (a 1972 film starring Racquel Welch), The Unholly Roller (1972 AIP rip off of Kansas City Bomber, mostly a better movie) and, of course, Roller Ball.

I don’t know how many other movies have the film’s own title as its tagline, though. I’m not talking about a tagline that incorporates the title, but rather a tagline that repeats the title.

I know someone who has seen Whip It and I was told it’s ‘alright.’ A ringing endorsement! No nudity, though, which I feel like ruins the point of making a good girl’s roller derby film. I’ll still watch it. I’m magnanimous like that.