Great and difficult movies can split audiences. Big Fan is one of those movies. Starring Patton Oswalt, the film may seem like a comedy about a lovable loser who is a little too into his favorite football team, but as the directorial debut of the writer of The Wrestler, Big Fan goes much deeper. And much darker. I’ve described it as the Taxi Driver of sports comedies.

Here’s a link to my original Sundance review of the film.

in the film Patton is a Staten Island loser whose love of the Giants blinds him to reality. When his favorite QB hospitalizes him, Pattin refuses to press charges, afraid of fucking up the team’s season. This exclusive clip picks up after the beating, with Patton in the hospital.

Big Fan opens in New York and Philly this weekend (it makes perfect sense when you see the film), and then goes wider. Here’s the theater list.