Nerds are an impatient lot. Waiting until next month for the Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz Blu-Rays is like murder for us. So thank heavens for Best Buy, who is selling both Blus starting today… and for only 20 bucks a pop!

It’s some sort of exclusive monopolistic deal where they’ll have these Blus before anyone else. That price point seems unlikely to be beat anytime in the near future as well. And if these aren’t enough to get you in the store, Best Buy also has the exclusive early release of Grace, the excellent living dead baby movie, also for 20 bucks. And that’s just the exclusive stuff coming out today – there’s also regular Blu releases, like the wonderful Adventureland, which most of you probably missed in theaters, judging by the box office.

So get off your ass and indulge in some righteous materialism. This recession won’t end by itself.