Somewhat predictably, I wasn’t blown away by the Inception teaser trailer. I guess if I had more faith in Nolan as anything more than a middle of the road talent I would have been excited by the very vague glimpses at the film, but all I could think was ‘I’ve already seen The Matrix and movies based on Philip K Dick novels.’

Turns out I was wrong, though! Nolan’s actually remaking 1980s scifi ‘classic’ Dreamscape, with some new twists. has a plot breakdown of the story (which apparently has been online for a little while, but since nobody picked it up before now, it’s essentially a new story. Sometimes the guy who brings the rumors together is the guy who gets the credit), and while they go into more spoilers than I will (although I don’t think they’re all that spoiler heavy – the plot breakdown they have reads like it goes up to the end of the first act, so basically it’s the film’s premise and what gets the plot going), they do reveal that the film is about people who travel into other people’s dreams.

If you want more info, hit InContention. For those of you unwilling to be spoiled, I’d imagine that ‘Leo uses a machine to go into people’s dreams’ will be just about enough info to keep you sated until more official information hits.

As a sidenote: some folks are already mad at InContention for revealing even this stuff. That’s pretty hilarious – Kris Tapley at InContention has spoiled nothing. In fact, he’s held back bigger info that is already out there on the web, info which could be spoilery. The premise of a movie is not now nor ever has been a spoiler… except when the premise is the big reveal, as in The Matrix. But nothing I have seen about Inception tells me that the dream warriors idea is a reveal; rather it’s the basic set-up of the world, and then there’s stuff that happens that sets a larger plot in motion. Hell, even that plot wouldn’t be a spoiler in the real world. It’s just in the fanboy world of Chris Nolan hardcores that any info is jihad-worthy.