Nolan’s first whatever-the-fuck-he-wants movie (I imagine he’ll get at least two or three) now has a teaser trailer, that debuted with some prints of Inglourious Basterds this weekend. I know of the two visits I made to see Basterds, only the AMC showed the teaser, and I ran across many anecdotal accounts of the teaser being absent. Worry not, for the trailer, in all it’s bassy goodness, is now online.

True to his tradition of minimal teaser trailers, Nolan has revealed about a dozen shots- most of which imply gravity will be doing weird shit. Reliance on the ever-rising-strings aside, the trailer is creepy and interesting, and does its job well enough.

If the maze logo is any indication, Nolan has made his biggest puzzle movie yet. You can see the trailer (do yourself the favor and load up an HD version) on Yahoo Movies now.