.Devin had this to say about the latest Daniel Day-Lewis flick:

"The Ballad of Jack and Rose is an often engrossing
character piece, filled with small moments of beauty and sadness.

…and the fact that Devin also also describes Krispy Kreme donuts the same way shouldn’t discourage you. It’s one of those films that people who respect film ought to see. Read Devin’s quite positive review of the flick right here.

I found out that there’s a screening next Thursday in Atlanta and we’re a part of it! I also realize that it’d be next to impossible to get these passes into your grubby mitts in time I we entrusted the US Postal Service so we’ll do this one a little differently.

So, instead of the typical plea for SASE’s, I just ask that interested parties use the email link below if they can make it (it’s at the Tara) and I’ll add you to the list. It’s just that easy sometimes. If for some reason I exhaust my pass supply quickly, I’ll amend this page, so keep an eye out and enjoy the film. I won’t be there, so if one of you folks wants to be my person at the scene to hand the passes out, please let me know.