Just those two names in the same sentence makes me giddy.

Dread Central got the scoop at the Monster-Mania convention that John Landis will be returning to his horror roots with Burke and Hare. William Burke and William Hare were a real-life duo who in the 1800s in Scotland killed a whole bunch of people and then sold their bodies to the Edinburgh Medical College for the purposes of science. They were convicted of sixteen murders in total though believed to have committed as many as 30. Burke ended up publicly executed in front of 25,000 people and then dissected at the college himself after his old buddy Hare threw him under the bus. Check this site out for more on the crazy case.

Simon Pegg is on board to star as one of the two. Could this mean they’re going for another horror-comedy? Will they use the men’s death masks in some way? Can one man’s heart take this much good news? We shall find out soon.