As we draw ever nearer to the release date of Avatar, and the execs at Fox gird their loins for the opening weekend numbers of the movie they spent all their leftover Titanic scratch on, you can expect a veritable deluge of promotion. We’ve gotten a genuine teaser trailer which has since been supplemented by Avatar Day’s full footage preview, the success of which is open to a wide field of interpretation. Not content to employ only the traditional means of promotion for such a (technologically) nontraditional movie, Fox is pairing up with Panasonic to set a new standard in movie publicity…

Really Goddamn Big TVs

How big do you ask?

Fucking Big.

103 inches to be exact. How big is that? Simply take the flat-screen TV you have now (if you’re lucky enough to have one), and call it a little mincy bitch. When you’re finished with that, take a look at this motherfucking picture-

…so, yeah. These fuck-the-third-world sized TVs are also capable of displaying 3D images, and will be trucking and touring across the country to be gawked at in malls and trade shows this fall. Panasonic and Fox have signed a deal that will have these monoliths exclusively running Avatar footage in 3D-HD while promoting Panasonic’s line of home 3D televisions and Blu-Ray Players that are due out next year.

Go look at them with your 6 inch face, but prepare yourself to be laughed at by a TV that can totally take your Dad, and then take your SUV out back and get it pregnant.

Source | Panasonic via GIZMODO

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