Scribe Joshua Zetumer is gobbling up all the dream writing jobs and is apparently the next big thing in Hollywood.  As someone who’s dipped a foot in that pool before I say: good for you, buddy.  Of course you must now die bloodily, but good for you nonetheless.  Zetumer’s two spec scripts, The Infiltrator and Villain, have already seen their way into production, the former starring Leonardo DiCaprio and being produced by David Benioff.  He also reportedly did an uncredited pass on Quantum of Solace and landed the scripting duties on Peter Berg’s upcoming Dune remake.  Now, he finds himself with the writing gig on the fourth untitled Bourne film. 

Really, dude, nice going.  I’ll be outside your place with a chainsaw later, but I’m really feeling your success. 

Ahem.  The reason the title of this piece refers to a parallel is because previous Bourne 4 and Ultimatum scripter George Nolfi had to drop off the project in order to script and direct the upcoming Matt Damon-starrer The Adjustment Bureau, which is a take on a Phillip K. Dick short story.  Nolfi did some work on Bourne 4, but had to leave due scheduling conflicts.  “Our hope is that Nolfi, a key member of the Bourne team, will
return after he is done with The Adjustment Bureau,” a Universal
spokesperson said.

So Zetumer finds himself doing his own version, a parallel version, to Nolfi’s script.  It remains to be seen if the two versions will be combined or not.  Who knows?  By the time Nolfi possibly returns to Bourne 4, if at all, Zetumer will probably be working on Episode VII or some shit.