PopCap Games just announced that Plants Vs. Zombies (review) is being adapted for iPhone and iPod Touch, and will hit around the end of the year. This on top of the Xbox Live Arcade version that’s in the works! This is horrible, horrible news, as now you’ll have nowhere to escape the addictive clutches of the fantastic game. Those zombies will get on your lawn EVERYWHERE.

They’ve also announced that a boxed retail version of the game is now available for both PC and Mac at stores and online for 20 bucks. It’s twice the price than if you buy it through Steam that way but good for people who like boxes, I suppose.

“Plants vs. Zombies sold more briskly in its first 90 days of online availability than any previous game we’ve published, including Bejeweled 2, Bejeweled Twist, Bookworm Adventures and Peggle Nights,” noted Ben Rotholtz, vice president of Marketing at PopCap. “In fact, our family-friendly zombie game now accounts for nine of the ten biggest-grossing single sales days in PopCap’s ten-year history, which is quite a feat given that the Bejeweled and Zuma franchises have sold more than 40 million units between them.”

This means that this probably won’t be the last of those damn zombies, and I for one can’t wait for more. Even though some medals in the game still evade me…