It’s so great seeing people finally getting a chance to enjoy World’s Greatest Dad, the film that was my number one favorite at Sundance this year. What’s even better is seeing them really respond to the film as a whole – it’s not just a deeply dark comedy, it’s also kind of a moving story of redemption, and people are reacting to that. It’s a whole film, not just a one-note joke.

Last week I had the huge opportunity to sit in a room with star Robin Williams and writer/director Bobcat Goldthwait and chat for about 20 minutes. What was especially amazing was seeing the dynamic at play – Bobcat knows Robin, and so would often just talk over him as Robin launched into a riff. If you ever wondered how Robin’s real world friends dealt with his constant riffing, now you know. It gave the whole thing a feeling of hanging out with the two guys. It was one of the best interview experiences of my whole life.

I was going to transcribe the whole thing, but a huge part of what makes this work is Robin’s energy, so I’ve included it here as an audio interview. Due to a technical malfunction (my batteries died!) the audio quality takes a hit at about 7 minutes in. I think it’s still listenable and enjoyable; if people can’t seem to listen I’ll transcribe it next week for you.

World’s Greatest Dad is in select theaters right now and is on Video on Demand and Amazon Video! Watch this movie. It is amazing!