Great news for people waiting to hear more about Alan Wake, as a new trailer for Remedy Entertainment’s horror title hit Gamescon this week. It’s somewhat of a developer diary but shows a bunch of new footage, the first we’ve seen since this year’s E3. First announced at the 2005 E3, Remedy’s followup to Max Payne 2 has been anticipated for quite a while now and the more we see, the better it looks.

The story revolves around a writer named Alan Wake (A. Wake, get it?) who has had a bad case of writers block for quite a while. His wife takes him to a small foggy town called Bright Falls to help him out but then she suddenly disappears, and he’s stuck fighting shadowy creatures trying to figure out who took her. Worse than that, he starts finding pages from a book he doesn’t remember writing, and everything he wrote starts to come true….

Watch Sam Lake (developer, writer, and famous face of Max Payne) talk about the game here.

As you can tell light plays a huge role in the game, and the way the flashlights (and flares!) look is pretty awesome. The story is supposedly influenced by Stephen King stories, Twin Peaks and Lost, and will be told in an episodic format. You will be able to explore the whole city sandbox-style and interact with NPCs during the day… just watch out for the night, and what the darkness brings.

The game is set to hit the Xbox 360 sometime next year. What do you guys think of the game? Does it look too similar to other survival horror games like Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark? Discuss it here.