In a follow-up to a previous story about the goings-on of the Jackson clan in regards to a planned reality show that hung in limbo following the death of Michael Jackson earlier this year, word has it that now that the show will indeed be a go for A&E.  To recap: prior to Jacko’s passing, the other male members of his family, who have fallen on varying levels of hard times since the family’s heyday as The Jackson 5, had filmed a one-hour pilot for A&E.  Reportedly, Michael was supposed to have a minor role and possibly even engage in some sort of reunion with his brothers.  In addition to that, the show was to follow the daily lives of Jermaine, Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy. 

Of course. Michael’s death immediately cast a shadow over that entire project, and it was debated whether or not that show would ever see the light of day.  And with the media circus that has ensued in and around the entire Jackson camp, even going up to and likely through the planned burial (finally) of the King of Pop on his 51st birthday (August 29th, as if you didn’t know…or subsequently care), a full two months after his death, the situation didn’t seem to clear up anytime soon.  Now the show will reportedly add the Jacksons dealing with the aftermath of their much more famous sibling, in addition to exploring their various individual pursuits.  The pilot is slated to air sometime within this next month.

The Jackson family dynamic has never been an easy one to fully understand, especially with various lurid stories floating out there for years such as this one.  Undoubtedly there was still love between the family, as evidenced by the photo-opportunistic wake at the Staples Center, but there were major issues to be sure as well.  Randy doing odd jobs, of Marlon baggin groceries,

If this project is going to have any validity whatsoever, it’ll need to…no, will be required to hit upon these topics rather than toe the Jackson family “everything’s great” rhetoric.  It’s doubtful that people will tune in to see the Jacksons claim that they never knew of Michael’s drug problems, as several of them have done, or try to continue the smoke and mirrors routine that they’ve managed to stay viable in the music industry without Michael’s presence all these years.  If they don’t shy away from the reported stories of Marlon stocking shelves or Randy doing odd jobs or Jermaine being hugely in debt, if they give some reality to this reality show, that might actually be worth seeing. 

And I’m sure that’s how this will all go down…