Oscar winner Bruce Joel Rubin (Ghost), who seems content with a hit-and-run approach to his career due to spans where he might not have a credit for four or five years at a time, is looking to maybe break that trend a little.  Having just penned The Time Traveler’s Wife, he’s already got his next gig lined up as he’s just signed on to adapt the 2002 Japanese film, Yomigaeri (Resurrection) for DreamWorks.  Tentatively titled Rainbow Bridge, the supernaturally themed pic centers on a town in which people who
have been dead for decades come back to life. Instead of engaging
in zombie behavior, though, the townspeople simply return to their
normal lives as though nothing changed.

Since pulling the gold for Ghost back in 1991, Rubin has flirted with continued major success off and on, with Deep Impact, Jacob’s Ladder, Stuart Little 2 and The Last Mimzy among his credits, but has only had eight credits in the last 20 odd years.  Nevertheless, Rubin is generally known to be able to deliver solid scripts and is known to be able to weld love stories and human interest subject matter to situations that run into the fantastic or supernatural.  So this project would seem to be right up the alley for Rubin, who is know to teach meditation and spirituality.

William Nicholson (Gladiator) preceded Rubin on the project, and the original film was directed Akihiko Shiota, who is returning to co-produce.  No start date, casting nor directing info released yet.  Rubin also has a project titled Into The Light in development.

via THR.com