This one definitely slipped off the radar. First announced at E3 last year, South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense is exactly what you’d expect. If you’re not familiar with the tower defense genre, it’s the type of game where you purchase structures (usually towers with various weapons) and place them on a battlefield to stop enemies from advancing. For my money, Desktop Tower Defense’s simplicity has yet to be beaten. The games tend to rely on a ton of strategy and it’s a very strange and clever use of the South Park license. Better than that crappy first person shooter, anyway.

In any case, during Gamescon these first screenshots were released, and the game is now set for release on October 7th.

You’ve got pretty much every character from the show available as a playable character, from Butters to Token to Timmy, and have to battle tons of memorable. Truly terrifying creatures like Zombies, Ginger Kids, Underpants Gnomes and Hippies.

Definitely looks like a lot of fun, and it will be the first exclusive Xbox Live Arcade tower defense game. Unlike the PS3 with PixelJunk Monsters and Savage Moon and Comet Crash, 360 owners don’t really have anything to call their own. Note that PC hits Defense Grid: The Awakening and the incredible Plants Vs. Zombies are on the way to XBLA though, so we can soon have all the tower defense we ever wanted.