Uh. Wow.

Judging from this attract trailer Need for Speed: Shift looks so far beyond the last few NFS installments that I don’t know where to begin. As you can tell they’ve shied away from the arcade element and gone for a straight-up sim, which normally would make me dismiss a game. There’s nothing more boring than Gran Turismo, in my opinion- why play a game if I can’t smash up other cars and do crazy things you can’t do in real life? But the in-car view here is absolutely ridiculous, as you can tell- note how you can even look around to the sides, or up at the rear view mirror. There simply has never been a game that looks this realistic, and fast. You’ll be able to customize every aspect of the car, including the interior, which probably made a few of you obsessives squeal. Real-life tracks are included, as well.

The game hits in September but if all goes well I should have impressions for you shortly!