Ever since I was a kid my handwriting hasn’t improved. It’s extremely sloppy and childish looking. So much so that some people have asked me if I’m Dyslexic. I tell them no, that I just write like that. It’s the truth after all. I spell and use punctuation correctly, but my handwriting is just so bad.

I believe it goes back to the fact that I may have originally been left handed. I think some time before I went into school, I was taught to write with my right hand. I have no recollection of it, but a lot of things come into play as evidence. I played baseball for one season, and Golf for 4 years. In both of those I played left-handed.

I also tend to write with my right hand, but with my thumb placed across my index finger. I’ve tried holding a pen in my left hand, and I hold it like everyone else holds it. With all my finger tips placed firmly around the pen. I just can’t write worth a piss holding it like that.

Another piece of evidence is that my Dad, while never having played Golf, once held my Golf club left handed. I believe he too was trained to write with his right hand.

There are little things that I can do with my left hand. Sometimes if I want to I can eat with a fork with my left hand, and I always cut into food that needs cutting with a knife holding it in my left hand, while I have the fork in my right hand. That is one thing I’m glad to have, as I don’t have to cut the meat with my right hand, put the knife down, and pick up the fork to eat with my right hand.

Just more mysteries of myself that I find interesting enough to share with others.

Rene’s song of the day: “The Night Before” by The Beatles.

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