World’s Greatest Dad is a brilliant comedy that contains what is possibly Robin Williams’ best performance to date. It’s dark as hell and deals with some very serious and cringe-worthy topics, but also somehow manages to be laugh out loud hysterical. Check out the trailer for a good tease.

To celebrate the release of the film we’ve got a fantastic contest! Robin Williams and Bobcat Goldthwait have signed two posters just for you! We’ve also got another, signature-less poster and a bunch of pins to give away.

To win one-

1. In subject line put WORLDSGREATEST
2. In body of text please include your full name and mailing address
3. Let us know what your favorite Bobcat Goldthwait film is.
4. What was the last comedy that made you cringe?
5. Email entry to

Remember, World’s Greatest Dad is available right now on cable On Demand, and will be hitting theaters August 21st in NYC and expanding over the coming weeks. Check Magnolia’s site for all the dates and locations.