While the Werner Herzog movie we’ve been paying the most attention to is Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the brilliant director has another movie up his sleeve, which is also debuting at the Toronto Film Festival: My Son My Son, What Have Ye Done. Inspired by the real life crime committed by Mark Yavorsky in 1979 the film, produced by David Lynch, is about a young man who murders his mother. With a sword.

Looking at the trailer you can see many of Herzog’s obsessions coming into play, especially man’s relationship with nature. Less clear in this trailer is the weirdness that Yavorsky had been cast in the lead role of a college production of Orestes, in which a son kills his mother.

Herzog has been involved in the project for years – he even met Yavorsky, who died in 2003, back in the 90s. Now the film is arriving with a truly stellar cast, including the finally making it big Michael Shannon as the troubled murderer. Read about the true story and Herzog filming in San Diego here.

The trailer is below; enjoy it.