Hey, if the The Beatles could have a cartoon and a Faux Four TV show (The Monkees, of course), why can’t the Rolling Stones finally get a sitcom of their own?

That might be the plan for HBO, which has optioned the rights to Andrew Loog Oldham’s memoirs Stoned and 2Stoned. Oldham, now probably a Scientologist, was the producer of the Stones in their earliest days, and was their co-manager until 1967. The description of the comedic project – a fictional account of a young man living the high life with artists
and hipsters in London’s vibrant Soho scene in the early 1960s
– doesn’t really mention Mick and Keith, but I have to imagine they’ll show up at some point. I’m picturing the mod version of Entourage.

Wesley Strick (writer of noted comedies like Cape Fear and the new A Nightmare on Elm Street) is developing the script. I’m not certain if the project is intended as an HBO movie or a series; the fact that it’s loosely based on the memoirs makes me think they’re going the series route.

via Variety