The launch trailer for Activision’s Wolfenstein reboot has just hit the net, so see what those nutty Nazis are up to this time.

Love the look of the otherworldly realm, the boss creatures and weaponry you get to handle, even if our hero’s name could easily be Generic McAmerican (yes, yes, it is actually long-time series protagonist B.J. Blazkowicz). I managed to check out the game out earlier this year the NYCC and was pretty impressed with what I saw. That guy with the electric generator strapped to his back is a bitch to take out, but his gun is sure fun to skeletonize Nazis with. Return to Castle Wolfenstein was very underrated and it’s good to finally see a new installment come, one that’s even more over-the-top and ridiculous with the supernatural aspect. 
Wolfenstein hits next week. Also, in case you haven’t heard, Raven Software designer Manveer Heir has promised to personally pay you back for your copy if you pick it up- provided that it sells Madden NFL 10 in August. So yeah, he’s not paying anything, but it’s a nice thought.