These days, one is far more likely to get up-to-date info by keeping a watchful eye on Twitter, than on CNN and the trades. Instant communication services can of course, be duped by the mob mentality. This unfortunate tweet appears to be legitimate:

Reno 911! was cancelled at 1:30 pm today. Won’t be wearing the shorts again.

From my understanding, this is Thomas Lennon’s genuine feed, and EW looked into it themselves. Comedy Central “declined to comment,” which EW takes as a “yes” to cancellation. Even if EW is a little confirmation-happy, it’s certainly not an encouraging sign. Reno 911, which has lasted 6 seasons, is a show that I have never watched religiously, but never once failed to watch an episode when I’ve had the opportunity. It’s one of Comedy Central’s most consistently entertaining shows, and I’m sad to see it go. What about you?

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