And no, Mr. Thompson, it isn’t a beating simulator. Not that we know of, at least.

First announced back in 2007, Rockstar’s Beaterator software is headed for the PSP this September. Take Timbaland by the hand and witness the preview:

Originally a flash application, Beaterator provides a surprisingly diverse toolset for generating music. If you haven’t already given it a try, prepare to forfeit at least a few hours of your life browsing through the samples and creating tracks. There’s little word yet on just how much in common the PSP Beaterator shares with the web app, but from the looks of the video, it’s getting a facelift.

While there’s certainly no shortage of music games right now, music generators are few and far between. Jester Interactive’s MTV Music Generator series comes to mind as a highlight, but things have been pretty quiet since then. Here’s hoping that Beaterator fills the lamentable void.